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How to Plan a Kitchen Cabinet Layout With Your Designer in Thousand Oaks

The kitchen is the heart of every home. It's where I recall the most vivid childhood memories and spend the most quality time congregating with family. At CleanEdge Cabinetry, we start with a thoughtful design built around your home and vision. We provide cabinet solutions to the residents of Thousand Oaks and Conejo Valley.

A kitchen reflects the character of the home. Cabinets are the centerpiece of any complete design. Each home is unique, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to designing kitchens. These helpful tips for planning your kitchen cabinet layout with your designer will help ensure you hit that sweet spot and pull off the perfect feel for your kitchen.

First Step: Consider Today’s Trending Kitchen Cabinet Layouts in Thousand Oaks and Conejo Valley

Homes, like the people living in them, have unique characteristics that make them exceptional. Today, there are more possibilities for kitchen layouts than ever before. That can make finding the perfect one to suit your home and style even more challenging. Before you can choose the ideal layout for your kitchen, it is important to have a clear design plan. Each layout satisfies certain requirements for functionality, presentation, and size. Any layout may look resplendent, but your chosen layout should address practical questions too. For instance, do you spend more time working on a kitchen island? Do you want your sink located close to the oven to help you prepare specific types of meals? What cabinets would you like within reach of the stove? Do you want pullouts with organizers that better suit function vs. design?

Here are several kitchen designs to consider when planning your kitchen cabinet layout:

  • One-Wall Kitchen Layout

The one-wall kitchen layout is ideal for houses with limited spaces, with one wall dedicated to kitchen appliances and cabinets. For designers, the goal is to select cabinet designs and colors that will help ensure that the space doesn't feel cramped. A layout that emphasizes practicality in limited areas should allow for everything to be reachable with every inch of wall space utilized without making the whole room look too busy. We recommend going with the tallest cabinets possible in a small space. For houses with low ceilings or soffits, homeowners are often left choosing between shorter cabinets with a larger ornate crown or taller cabinets with smaller crown molding options. We recommend white in small spaces.

  • The U-Shaped Layout

The U-shaped layout design features countertops, storage spaces, and appliances arranged in the letter u. The advantage of a U-shaped kitchen layout is the ample space to enable multiple cooking tasks simultaneously. With so much area to work with, the space allows versatility to select larger-sized appliances without worrying about giving up space for you to move around freely.

  • L-Shaped Kitchen Layout

The L-shaped kitchen layout features two perpendicular walls that contain counter space, cabinets, and appliances. The L-shaped kitchen layout is ideal for medium-sized kitchens (100 to 200 square feet) where the lack of a third wall allows freedom of movement, yet the two walls provide ample storage space.

  • Galley Kitchen Layout

The galley kitchen layout utilizes the two parallel walls to contain cabinets and appliances, allowing the aisle for users to reach everything quickly. This kitchen layout maximizes limited spaces by making it functional without making the space feel too cramped.

  • Island Kitchen Layout

The island kitchen layout is one of the most trending kitchen layouts for larger-sized kitchens (200 square feet or more). The kitchen may have a U-shaped or an L-shaped layout, with the added island providing a practical and functional solution to accommodate additional storage or food preparation space. The added island may also offer extra seating space.

  • G-Shaped Layout

The G-shaped layout involves having a U-shaped configuration with an additional wall or peninsula jutting out from one side, forming the letter G. The extra wall or projection can provide extra seating, storage, or food preparation space. A G-shaped layout is an alternative to an island layout when utilizing ample space in larger kitchens.

Second Step: The Kitchen Cabinet Layout Design Process

Use a 3D Kitchen Rendering After Deciding on a Layout

A sketch of the layout in 2D may translate poorly with the room. To visualize how cabinets and appliances will work together, you need to work with your designer to make a complete rendering of how your kitchen will actually look using 3D design tools available with your designer. Understanding the ceiling height and exact spacing for appliances for maximum utility is essential. Also, ensuring your walkways and spaces meet National Kitchen and Bath Standards can be essential for resale value, safety, and functionality.

Visualize How You Will Move in the Space Created

Creating the style that you like is crucial. However, consider how you will use the kitchen based on functionality, ergonomics, and practicality. Placing your frequently-used cabinets in harder-to-reach places will become a nuisance later on. You can work closely with your designer to create work zones to make working in your kitchen a pleasant experience later. Most talented designers will rely on a triangular path between the stove, microwave, and sink for maximum utility.

Third Step: Select the Look for Your Cabinets

Your kitchen cabinet design defines the overall look of your kitchen. Selecting the look for your cabinet is the heart of the feel your kitchen gives guests or anyone working there. The most popular cabinet designs in Thousand Oaks and Conejo Valley are the following:

Shaker Kitchens:

Shaker designs are becoming more popular in the rest of the country as well. Their smooth, clean lines and classic design work well with either modern or throwback appliance designs. This style's understated patterns also work well with kitchens with limited space.

European Frameless Cabinets

European frameless cabinet designs are often associated with shaker designs. European frameless is also known as "faceless" because they have a more understated and cleaner design than any other cabinet style. European frameless designs provide a modern look to any kitchen and work well with any color choice.

Glass-Front Cabinets

Glass cabinets provide an illusion of additional space in a kitchen. They also allow you to display pieces that can be both ornamental and functional, such as china, wine glasses, and dinnerware. Combined with a Shaker or European frameless designs, you can create a clean and more spacious look for your kitchen.

Conclusion: For Cutting-Edge Custom Cabinet Designs, Choose CleanEdge Cabinetry

We enjoy spending time with our customers working through the design process. Our goal is to create a beautiful kitchen that will last for years. You will find our process enjoyable, like designing a kitchen should be. We strive to communicate on a regular basis with all our clients and treat them the way we want to be treated. Design examples are available. We will bring samples to your home, measure your kitchen and provide you with a free 3D design of your kitchen. Our goal is to be the go-to cabinet designer and seller for the Thousand Oaks and Conejo Valley communities. We consistently provide kitchen designs that exceed our client's expectations. For inquiries and design requests for the best contemporary and cutting-edge kitchen cabinet designs, call us at (805) 768 4320 or email Sales at We pride ourselves on short delivery times, often under two weeks from your order date. We deliver the cabinets ourselves. Let us know if you have questions. Our cabinets are all-wood. They do not contain any particle board anywhere—no cheap plastic parts. The boxes are made with ½" plywood, solid wood face frames, soft-close drawers and doors, cabinet inserts, heavy-duty steel glides, metal brackets for heavy countertops, semi-customization for odd-sized appliances, custom toe kicks, and other owner-inspired ideas. Let us know what is on your mind.

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